What is ‘Emperors of China’?

IMG_0642‘Emperors of China’ is an encyclopaedia of Chinese Emperors, covering the crazed rulers from all the way back to the so-called ‘First Emperor’ of Qin to the rise of communism in the 1900’s.

In contrast to the monotone, dry and dull interpretations of these historical figures in ancient paintings or modern TV drama; the emperors will be represented with a unique vision that more accurately illustrates their personality and reign. For an in-depth audio version of Chinese history I recommend listening to ‘The History of China‘ podcast.


Why begin such a project?

What ever happened to entertaining history resources we read as kids? Books like the ‘Horrible Histories’ series, where history is communicated with gruesome and riveting tales not name salads and streams of dates!

It seems when you’re a grown up, history has to stop being fun; but perhaps it doesn’t need to be that way!

Searching for an amusing and visual way to learn Chinese history you’d be confronted with a mess of different art styles and duplicated portraits for multiple emperors, not to mention the parade of stern faces rob each emperor of any character their stories suggested.

So, with this in mind ‘Emperors of China’ is here to help people learn about the history the fun way, and be an easy visual way for people to discover the tales of China’s most colourful characters.